Stimulating blood/oxygen flow and tissue growth


    Stimulating blood/oxygen flow and tissue growth


    Stimulating blood/oxygen flow and tissue growth


    All species of animals, domestic and wild


    Latest material technology


    Stimulating blood/oxygen flow and tissue growth

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy [“HBOT”] for Animals

Our mission is to make the provision of HBOT available and affordable to all species of animals, domestic and wild

About HBOT

For at least the past 15 years, veterinaries and advanced animal hospitals worldwide, regularly treat their most valuable animals in HBOT environments.

However, it’s highly therapeutic value for animal welfare and for veterinary procedures is not so well publicized. This, combined with the traditional high cost of providing HBOT, has resulted in only the most valuable of animals, with rich owners, benefiting from the procedure, notwithstanding that HBOT has been widely accepted and accredited for animal welfare in general.

Our mission is to make the provision of HBOT available to all animals..

How HBOT works

Normal air (gases) breathed by living creatures, contains about 78% nitrogen and just under 21% oxygen. The remaining 1% or so is made up of trace gases, such as carbon dioxide, argon, krypton, methane, neon, helium and hydrogen, etc, together with water vapour.

Red blood cells contain ‘haemoglobin’ which absorbs (takes up) oxygen from the lungs, transporting it in a dissolved form to all parts of the body, most importantly the brain. At normal atmospheric pressure, even rapid or deep breathing hardly increases the amount of oxygen carried by the bloodstream. And even breathing pure oxygen only slightly increases the oxygen absorption.

However, breathing while in a pressurised environment which is very oxygen rich, greatly enhances the oxygen-carrying ability of the blood, due to oxygen being infused into the plasma as well as being carried by the red blood cells. The effect of ‘patients’ breathing pure oxygen under pressure is to increase the amount of oxygen they normally receive by between 10 and 15 times.

This increases the ‘reach’ of the oxygen into the tissues by a factor of four and means more oxygen is transported to the wound site, thus stimulating blood/oxygen flow and tissue growth for healing.

See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tuRCq4nyn2Y

The Healing Power of HBOT

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3

Why HBOT enhances & accelerates healing

An abundant oxygen supply greatly stimulates the growth in bone and of soft tissue of new blood vessels. Which during and after medical treatments and surgical procedures, allows an increase in oxygen-rich blood reaching the damaged or infected parts of the body. This results in a decrease in swelling and/or inflammation, allowing even more blood flow and therefore more oxygen to flow freely to the effected areas.

High oxygen levels increases the ability of the white blood cells to kill bacteria in infected tissues. Anaerobic bacteria are killed directly by the high level of oxygen reaching infected tissues, even if normal circulation has been affected.


Why HyPod can make such a difference

HyPod-Vet Hyperbaric Chambers [“HyPods”] are simple, quick and cheap to manufacture, being 90% fabric based, using the latest material technology.

HyPods can easily be assembled and operated by one person, they are; very light weight; fully portable; demountable; very compact for storage; robust; very low maintenance and will safely operate at much higher pressures than is required.

HyPods can be cheaply rented to any size veteran practice, animal hospital or sanctuaries, from the well-funded to the smallest cash-strapped charitable services.

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