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HyPod Veterinary Ltd

Corporate Overview

HyPod Animal Care Ltd


1. Corporate Jurisdiction:
A private limited company registered in the United Kingdom. Registration No: 10834393

2. The Registered Office:
160, Kemp House, City Road, London. EC1V 2NX

3. Current Equity:
250,000 Ordinary shares, ranking Pari Passu, par value £1.00, issued fully paid.

4. Liabilities:
The Company has no creditors or debts of any nature

5. Assets:
The Company’s main asset is an HyPod “Exclusive 99 Year Worldwide Veterinary Licence” to further research, modify, manufacture, distribute and operate the HyPod ‘compression chamber’ technology in respect to all non-human life forms.

6. Funding:
To date, the company has been privately funded

7. The Company’s Auditors:
Parker Lloyd Audit. 5th Floor, Berkeley Square House, Berkeley Square, London W1J 6BY. UK

8. The Company’s Corporate Solicitors:
To be appointed

9. The Company’s Business:
The enabling, worldwide, of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (“HBOT”) treatments to every animal species, domestic and wild.

10. The Company’s Financial Mission:
The Company’s core business is as a commercial, profit orientated enterprise, however the Company does have a charitable division and also currently in negotiations with two charitable organisations with a view to also providing the company’s services free of charge to needy animals.

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