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HyPod Animal Care Ltd



We are a private limited company registered in the United Kingdom. Registration No: 10834393

Our registered office is: 160, Kemp House, City Road, London. EC1V 2NX. UK

Our current ownership equity consists entirely of Ordinary shares, fully paid.

Our main asset is a HyPod “Exclusive 99 Year Worldwide Veterinary Licence” to further research, modify, manufacture, distribute and operate the HyPod ‘compression chamber’ technology in respect to all non-human life forms.

In respect to all veterinary matters, we have direct and exclusive access to all existing HyPod technology and future advances.

Our main focus is the provision of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (“HBOT”) to animal of all species, domestic and wild, provided in as economic, accessible and uncomplicated way as possible.

Our distribution and operating methodology is based on two forms of service in the provision of HyPod-Veterinary compression chambers, monitoring and ancillary equipment and advice:
a) COST-FREE through an associated charity
b) Through commercial equipment leasing and technical support staff

Although our actual corporate vehicle is new, the technology and rights it now owns has been researched and refined over the past 19 years, cost hundreds of thousands of pounds in spent costs and many thousands of hours of voluntary unpaid work. Also and not least, a sad human cost has been paid (see ‘Our History on the main menu bar)

We currently value our company between £2.5m and £4.5m

To expand our ‘small animal’ service, we are looking to raise another £500,000 by way of Crowdfunding (see Corporate – Investor Link)

Once our ‘small animal’ service is established and cash positive, we shall look to raise more substantial funding to expand the technology, manufacturing and provision of HyPod ‘HBOT’ to large animals, such as horses, primates and heavy quadrupeds.

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